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Optim Teams Up With Proove Biosciences

There are only a handful of Doctor’s offices enrolling patients to these innovative clinical trials in Georgia. Proove Biosciences (a company that specializes in genetic testing) has teamed up with Optim Pain Management to provide you with the opportunity to personalize your pain management as a patient.

Patient FAQ:

What is a Genetic Test?

A genetic test is a medical procedure that looks at your your DNA. Your DNA encodes your genes. The fact is that everyone’s genes vary from one to another and this test may explain or predict the way your body will respond to certain medications and whether you are at risk for certain conditions.

What are the benefits of doing this kind of testing?

Proove genetic tests will help your physician to personalize your treatment plan so they can make the best decisions for you. This may include changing your prescriptions, medication dose, or choosing better alternatives for your care. This can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration, especially if your current medications are not relieving your pain.

How is a Genetic Test performed?

This is a quick and safe non-invasive procedure. A genetic sample is collected with a cheek swab. The inside of each cheek is swabbed for 30 seconds using a back and forth motion to collect your cells. Your DNA is extracted from these cells at Proove Medical Laboratories, where any irregularities in your genes are identified, studied, and reported to your doctor.

What can these tests offer?

Proove has several genetic tests that will give your doctor important information relevant to your treatment.

TEST #1: The Proove Pain Perception test will let your doctor know what your genes say about your pain tolerance. People experience pain at different levels, so it is sometimes difficult to know if someone is under-reporting or exaggerating their pain. This test is designed to assess your pain sensitivity objectively, so your physician can choose and dose your pain medications appropriately. Your test result will report which one of the 5 levels of pain sensitivity you are predicted to have: low, moderately low, average, moderately high, or high. Low pain perception means that an individual is less sensitive to pain, i.e. has high pain tolerance. High pain perception means that the individual perceives pain at higher than average levels, i.e. has low pain tolerance.

TEST #2: The Proove Drug Metabolism Test analyzes the way you metabolize medications and can help guide your doctor to prescribe the medications that will be the most effective, and result in fewer side effects, for you. This test may also explain 

why you could have unexpected urine drug screen results. If you are metabolizing a medication slower or faster than normal, then you will have different amounts of a metabolized drug in your urine at a specified time as well.

TEST #3: The Proove Opioid Risk test can help determine the safest and most effective strategy for pain medication therapy. This test gives your physician more information upon which to make critical decisions regarding your care.

Why or how would Proove genetic tests affect me (now and/or in the future)?

Understanding how your brain chemistry reacts to pain medication, how well you metabolize certain medications, and your genetic predisposition to pain tolerance can play a pivotal role in your treatment plan. This can increase successful treatment outcomes, decrease your pain, and minimize trial and error experimentation with medications that would otherwise be prescribed. You can receive personalized treatment plans, which will save time and money. These one-time tests provide results that are yours to keep forever, as your genetic information will not change over time. You will always have this valuable information to share with your health care providers.

Does this prolong my treatment from start to finish?

No, ordering a genetic test or participating in Proove Biosciences’ clinical trials may actually decrease your treatment time, because your physician is given information that will personalize your treatment plan and make it more likely that you are getting the best treatment for you. If you are enrolled in a clinical trial, you will be asked to fill out questionnaires over the course of 3-6 of your regular in office visits. Questionnaires take no longer than a few minutes, and you can complete them while in the waiting room or while waiting in the exam room.

Is this going to cost me (or my insurance) more?

Proove genetic tests, just like any other laboratory tests ordered during your appointment, will be ordered by your physician to improve your clinical care and your insurance will be billed for these tests. You may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company that explains how much they have paid for Proove testing and how much remains as a “Patient Responsibility” or Patient Obligation.” However, your participation in these clinical studies provides consideration in lieu of a cash payment to meet your Patient Obligation. In other words, Proove accepts your participation in the clinical research study as compensation for your “Patient Obligation”.

For more information, please contact the Optim Research department: