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America’s 100 Best Hospitals For Joint Replacement

Reidsville, GA (October 18, 2016) – Optim Medical Center-Tattnall released today that it has been recognized by Healthgrades as one of America’s 100 Best™ Hospitals for Joint Replacement and is the only hospital to have received this achievement in the Savannah Designated Market Area (DMA) for four consecutive years. Optim Medical Center-Tattnall also continued their 5-Star Achievements for Total Knee Replacement for the sixth year in a row (2012 - 2017), Total Hip Replacement for the fourth year in a row (2014 - 2017), and Spinal Fusion  for the second year in a row (2016 - 2017).

Healthgrades, the leading online resource helping consumers make informed decisions in order to find the right doctor, the right hospital, and the right care, evaluated nearly 4,500 hospitals nationwide for 34 of the most common inpatient procedures and conditions.*

The achievement is part of findings released today online and in the Healthgrades 2017 Report to the Nation. The new report demonstrates how clinical performance continues to differ dramatically between hospitals both nationally and regionally. This variation in care may have a significant impact on health outcomes. For example, from 2013 through 2015, if all hospitals as a group, performed similarly to hospitals receiving 5-Stars as a group, on average 223,412 lives could potentially have been saved and 162,215 complications could potentially have been avoided.* A 5-Star rating indicates that Optim’s clinical outcomes are statistically significantly better than expected when treating the condition or conducting the procedure being evaluated.

For the 2017 Report to the Nation, Healthgrades compared hospitals with statistically better than expected performance (5-Stars), as a group, to those with statistically worse than expected performance (1-Star*), as a group, and found:  Patients having the Total Knee Replacement at Optim Medical Center-Tattnall have a 67.2% lower complication risk while in the hospital 72.7% lower complication risk while in the hospital with Total Hip Replacement, and 64.8% lower complication risk while in the hospital for Spinal Fusion.

In addition, over a 3 year period (2013 - 2015**) Optim Medical Center-Tattnall has had a 0% major inhospital complication rate for both hip replacement patients and spinal fusion patients, and 0.38% major inhospital complication rate for knee replacement patients.

“At Optim, we are fully committed to providing the best quality of orthopedic care to our patients and the community. By providing this caliber of care, we know that we are giving our patients a better quality of life,” said Rob Snipes, Optim Medical Center-Tattnall’s Hospital Administrator. “We are thrilled to be named America’s 100 Best for Joint Replacement four years in a row and are truly grateful to all our patients and their families for trusting Optim for their orthopedic needs.”

To complement this outstanding achievement Optim Medical Center-Tattnall has also received 5-Star ratings in Total Knee Replacement (2012-2017), Total Hip Replacement (2014-2017), and Spinal Fusion (2016-2017).

“The Healthgrades 2017 Report to the Nation reveals striking disparities in the quality observed among the Nation’s hospitals, and underscores why it is vital for consumers to understand outcomes performance at specific hospitals for specific conditions and procedures,” said Evan Marks, Chief Strategy Officer for Healthgrades. “A given community may have many hospitals, but only a precious few may provide better-than-expected outcomes for the specific care a patient needs. Those hospitals that have achieved the Healthgrades 100 Best for Joint Replacement distinction have demonstrated a commitment to exceptional quality of care.”

*For its analysis, Healthgrades evaluated approximately 45 million Medicare inpatient records for nearly 4,500 short-term acute care hospitals nationwide, assessing hospital performance relative to each of 32 common conditions and procedures, as well as an evaluation of comparative outcomes in appendectomy and bariatric surgery using all-payer data provided by 18 states. Healthgrades recognizes a hospital’s quality achievements for cohort-specific performance, specialty area performance, and overall clinical quality. Individual procedure or condition cohorts are designated as 5-Star (statistically significantly better than expected), 3-Star (not statistically different from expected) and 1-Star (statistically significantly worse than expected) categories. The complete Healthgrades 2017 Report to the Nation and detailed study methodology, can be found at


About Optim Medical Center-Tattnall

Optim Medical Center-Tattnall is a premier, physician-owned healthcare facility providing the highest quality of patient care and clinical outcomes for the communities it serves. The Optim network provides its patients over 30 convenient locations across southeastern Georgia. With over 40 highly-trained physicians in the Optim Healthcare network (a collaboration of the physician-owned Optim Medical Center-Tattnall and Optim Orthopedics), Optim offers specialized treatment in multiple areas including orthopedics, neurosurgery, interventional pain management, general surgery and primary care.

Optim’s large network aims to achieve the highest-quality service and treatment standards across facilities, providing specialized healthcare to patients in both larger metropolitan and rural areas. Optim contributes to the communities it operates in not only by providing healthcare, but also creating jobs, including for those with special needs, and participating in local sports programs, philanthropy, and fundraising.

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**Statistics are based on Healthgrades analysis of MedPAR data for years 2013 through 2015 and represent 3-year estimates for Medicare patients only.